Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Swaps and Lazy Long Weekend

I am lucky enough to get lovely little pieces of art through my door every so often, by taking part in an ATC swap.

This month's theme was "Underwater Wonderland" 

pencil crayon Atc

As you can see Alice is still very much stuck in my head, when I read the word "Wonderland" I just had to do an Alice-inspired card.

The picture here is a little larger than the actual card (on my screen at least).
I love to work quite small, but wished I could have fitted bigger, floppy fake hare ears than the card allowed.
Sketch for "Underwater Wonderland" Atc

More of my Atc's and the ones I have received can be found here


I have to confess that I have done hardly any work in the last ten days.
There has been moments of scribbles and stitches, but all in all I have just been enjoying myself with other things.

Last week started with visiting my friend in Cambridge, and this one with a couple of days in Oxford (I will tell you more about that with a 'handmade(ish) by others' post later in the week), and there maybe a trip to London next week too, so I am feeling like a mini traveller at the minute. Mini as all these places are not far from home. 

Tomorrow, I will be back to work....



  1. Awesome ATC. It totally fits the theme. I love her bow tie, and the fish are hilarious with their suits. The bunny ears are great. :)

  2. When are you going to London? I have to go on Monday:)

  3. I'm not going to make it to london this time :(

    Thanks for the Atc comments :)


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