Monday, 14 April 2008

Girls with Curls

A bit of a continuation of yesterday. 
More shopper-size totes with pretty drawn girls for today's post.

"Curly-haired Katie"

"Curly-haired Kathy"

Kathy and Katie are sisters. At the moment, they are all alone in the world. They have each other and thats all they need. Although, I am sure they have many more curly-haired relatives who are waiting to love and care for them too.

I can say that with some confidence, as I really enjoyed drawing these girl. There was something relaxing about making waves and circles with the pen, watching each curl appear on the cotton. I could spend hours drawing these girls...

These are the same size as the Red Flower Girl Totes and are also at the shop.
There is just one more bunny to be shared tomorrow and that will be the end of the "What's in the shop" post.

And then I can get started on some new things and ideas...

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