Saturday, 19 April 2008

A day late..

I've been having a forgetful week here, and I forgot my usual Friday post. Oops.

What was I up to while forgetting to post?

Adoring my new papercut!!
After my last post, in which I was swooning over the amazing papercuts of Rob Ryan, I found this tiny framed one in a local antique shop. I felt so lucky to come across such a sweet little thing. 
It makes me think of fairytales and old fashioned romance.


As well as shopping for handmade treasures, I've been busy stitching this week too. 

So this is a bit of practice stitching from a couple of month ago, but it does illustrate what I have been up to this week, girls and embroidery. 
The reason it is this and not the actual weeks work is because I'm up to some secret gifty pieces again, and I don't want any peeking!!

I also made another sock bear, so JoTwo wouldn't feel left out with all the bunnies that have been passing through lately.

His name is Blueberry Joe. 
Him and JoTwo get on brilliantly, they sit on my side comparing scarves and talking about honey and bee stings all day long. The only upset so far has been a small argument about whether button or stitched noses are best.
I had more photos but they came out absolutely awful and need to be re-done! Good photos are hit-and-miss with me so if anyone has any photo-taking tips, they would be very welcome :)

Happy Saturdays

(Blueberry seems to be a little theme this week, as a blueberry cutie turned up here this week too!) 

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